This magnet makes it even easier to share Safe Helpline information on base. Use this magnet to share Safe Helpline information in break rooms, restrooms, around the office, and even in Service member's homes. Increasing visibility of this information can help normalize and encourage conversations of sexual assault on base.

  • 2"x3.5" glossy business card sized
  • Full color print

Promotional Ideas:

  • Distribute the magnet during base/installation events.
  • Incorporate the magnet as part of check-in procedures.
  • Make the magnet available all over the base (e.g., Chaplain’s office, Family Advocacy Program offices, Substance Abuse Awareness and Prevention offices, hospitals and all other medical and mental health facilities, and Special Victims Counsel/Victims Legal Counsel offices).
  • Distribute the magnet throughout your local community (e.g., local coffee shops frequented by Service members, emergency rooms, and local sexual assault service provider).