Back by popular demand, the Safe Helpline Keycards are a two-in-one option to distribute information about the services. These keycards provide two discreet ways to keep the Safe Helpline information available at all times.

The card fits easily behind an ID card or in any wallet, while the key tag can be broken off and blends in with other membership cards on a key ring.

In addition to the Safe Helpline telephone number and website, these cards provide a quick overview of other ways Safe Helpline can support survivors. This includes information about the Safe HelpRoom, the Safe Helpline app, and the newest Safe Helpline initiative, Self-guided educational programs.

Promotional Ideas:

  • Distribute the keycard during base/installation events.
  • Include the keycard as part of check-in procedure.
  • Make the keycards available all over the base (i.e., Chaplain’s office, Family Advocacy Program offices, Substance Abuse Awareness and Prevention offices, hospitals and all other medical and mental health facilities, and Special Victims Counsel/Victims Legal Counsel offices).
  • Distribute the keycards throughout your local community (i.e., local coffee shops frequented by Service members, emergency rooms and local sexual assault service providers).


Download the image and use in presentations and on your own outreach materials.
Download the image and work with the base/installation IT department to make the Safe Helpline information the screen saver or wallpaper for public computers on base.

Download the Front

Download the Back